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More coming soon

Fashion Pact + Bundis Nachhaltige Textilien

Fashion Pact + Bundis Nachhaltige Textilien

In 2019, CHASIN’ signed both the Global Fashion Pact and the German Bundis Nachhaltige Textilien, which advise and assess strategy and supply chain performance, through a developed tool that facilitates the creation of a sustainability framework. Themes that are taken into account and monitored include, discrimination, child labour, forced labour, freedom of association, living wages, health and safety at work, sourcing of raw materials, water pollution & the use of chemicals, and animal welfare.

By joining such organisations, we join other brands and retailers in pushing for greater responsibility and better working conditions at and for manufacturers. In addition, these collaborations give access to a large network of NGOs, labour organisations, brands, industry associations and governments, which enables us to move forward together.

The first Global Fashion Pact ran for five years and has been expired in its current form since 2021. A successor of this pact will be created soon, which CHASIN’ commits to sign as soon as the opportunity is announced by the government and Fashion Pact. The pact by the Bundis Nachhaltige Textilien is still active and ongoing at CHASIN’.

Regardless of the expiration of the Global Fashion Pact, CHASIN’ decided to continue with the three-year plan jointly established in 2019 anyway. Discover more about our roadmap below:

Year 1: fulfilled

 Develop a 3-year strategy and roadmap.

 Full insight into all manufacturing locations where CHASIN's garments are produced.

 Full insight into every country, production location and production proces that are part of CHASIN's production [incl. turnover].

Year 2: fulfilled

 Full insight into the usage of all raw materials and their associated risks.

 Full insight into the percentage per product group.

 Full insight into raw material usage specifically within our denim collection.

Year 3: ongoing

 Full insight into the chain behind our first line suppliers such as the spinning mills, dye houses, raw materials suppliers (working with Tex.tracer is already a big step we have taken).